What is cheaper? disc of images/ prints or album?

This really depends on your budget and what you want at the end of the day. A DVD copy will allow you to always archive the photos of that day so you can print at leisure or distribute if you have copyright release, purchase or you can request that we design a stunning album or a stunning montage to put on your wall. For top quality digital albums you will probably be better off getting the album instead of a disc as full resolution discs will cost you roughly the same as getting an album designed by us (depending on the number of pages you want and type of digital album etc)

Alternatively, illness you may want to provide us with another photographer’s DVD of images to make into a montage or album, we are limited to the Photographers selection of images. We will however, work the best out of your images to provide you with a high quality stunning wedding album and definitely take that stress away from you.