What does a portrait session entail?

A portrait session might involve you sitting/standing or using a series of props on a white/black background or natural settings. Our mobile studio only requires 12ft floor space x 7 ft of wall space so if you want us to come to you, cialis then it is quite easy to set up.

Portrait sittings are non formal and relaxed so if your subject is a bit nervous (or a bit restless as babies or animals sometimes are) We will usually guide or organise the subject into poses or allow them to freely pose as they wish, not everyone finds posing natural so it is quite normal to be a bit nervous! We are happy to allow breaks and if this exceeds the allocated portrait session time we are quite happy to accommodate, within reason.


What sorts of portraits do we offer?

We offer two types of portraits, diagnosis lifestyle and studio. Lifestyle is photos at your chosen location – manor, field, park, outdoor or indoor.

Studio setting choices are either high key (White background) or the dark (Low key) black background, it is simply up to you which type you want to do.

On a photoshoot that is outdoors we offer one hour and half time as this will enable us to move to a maximum of two locations close to each other.

What should I bring to the portrait session?

If you have ideas that you would like to try, hospital a style of picture or a certain shot that you want to try, order please do feel free to mention this to our photographers as we love challenges and if we feel we can accommodate we will let you know.

If you want to bring special items or clothing for your shoot please do feel free to do so. A typical sitting can allow about two changes of outfit.

What does your event photography entail?

We ask you to let us know about your event itinerary/location details, price and how many hours you will need support for. Our wedding packages are not set in stone, cialis they are a guidance and can be changed depending on your requirements, if you only need just a few hours, for instance, we can quote you for that.

If you did not want the post or pre-shoot for the wedding we can discuss to offer this as a gift to your friends or family.

What are your wedding packages?

We have set packages [silver, advice gold, abortion bronze, platinum]. We also have a flexible “bolt on” price plans, so you pay for our time to take photographs on the day and do not have to commit to any photograph purchases until later. See our packages page.

You can pay for images on disc, prints or album for instance at a later date, after viewing. Our prices are tailor made for you so please do contact us to discuss your needs and we will quote you.

What are your normal procedure for a wedding?

Normally we would meet up clients for a pre-wedding consultation (unless this is not practical, cialis this meet up helps client and photographer to put names to faces and that way enables us to get finer details about your wedding and for you to know what to expect of us on the day.

Once we agree on all the wedding day details we will go through our contract with you. We require you to sign a contract and ask for a 30% retainer to hold the date for you and then the remainder to be cleared at least a week before the wedding day.

Hourly paid events do not usually require a contract, check a small deposit would be required to secure dates, please enquire.

What is the contract for?

The purpose for a contract is to ensure both client and photographers know what to expect for the wedding day (vital shots like family /couple shots) and list what our service includes. This ensures that we don’t have any confusion or miss any detail for your special day and that you get exactly what you want.

We always look out for important shots however if you want a picture of aunt Mary with the brides mum for instance we will put that in the itinerary as key shots.

What if someone doesn’t want pictures taken at a wedding or event?

We will respect peoples wishes to not have pictures taken. If, viagra 60mg for instance, view we are doing reportage shots and the people in these shots don’t want to be in the pictures we can edit or remove the pictures.

You will be able to view your pictures on a password protected gallery so you can show at your discretion.

AGAIN we can avoid any possible misunderstandings if this is listed in a contract. At other events (like birthdays) usually people will tell us at the time that they do not want pictures of them taken.

Our code of conduct

We aim to be professionally presented at all times yet comfortable, medications wearing smart attire or our designed t-shirts with our brand on. If you have a dress code you would like us to adhere to (like bow ties or cocktail dresses) you need to inform us. We will work non intrusively to capture your day and will be respectful at all times when dealing with people at the event or photoshoot.

At a normal wedding you can typically expect two photographers (male and female)present, smaller registry photographing or other events might only require one photographer.

Other requirements from you

We ask that if you are having a religious event such as christening or wedding for example, decease to inform us if photography will be permitted and if flash can be used for instance.

What will happen after the wedding

After the wedding we filter through all photos and put online the pictures on our secure gallery, viagra buy we, viagra sale then give you the password and username for you to view the pictures. this part usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, health sometimes you can get the pictures in one week.

Clients are free to give password details to friends and family if they wish to do so.

After you are happy with the pictures you view on our secure gallery (you might want something cropped out or to remove a picture for whatever reason) you can then get your prints ordered or album designed (depends what is agreed beforehand).

Designing the album will take another 2 to three weeks, you will then be shown the album online to approve on the layout before print. Printing the album usually takes 2 to three weeks.

Difference between a photo book and digital album?

Photo books are printed on paper that is more like extra heavy magazine pages. The processing and material expense is much greater with an digital album, physician the main differences are the quality, thickness, longevity. Digital photo images are printed directly onto exceptionally high-quality pages.

Digital design albums are highly popular as this allows multiple images to be incorporated into each album page, telling your story the most spectacular way possible. Pages are designed to give a breathtaking panoramic seamless effect, you will look at your digital album again and again. see example.

The spreads are mounted on very heavy paper with a variety of cover options. We do not use design templates for our albums. The spreads are designed from scratch to capture the emotion, essence and beauty of your wedding day, that is why it deserves a special place in any home.

Difference between traditional albums and digital?

Traditional photo albums are designed for slipping in printed photos, diagnosis with sleeves built in to hold standard printed photos. Digital albums that we design utilities the full resolution of an image or series of digital images to design for the spread, tadalafil in our opinion the digital album is the best way to show off your day in it’s full splendor.

Advantages and disadvantages? Traditional albums have very limited design potential. We feel a digital album is the best way to show present your day as beautifully as possible, however, if you have other preferences we are quite flexible to your needs.

What is cheaper? disc of images/ prints or album?

This really depends on your budget and what you want at the end of the day. A DVD copy will allow you to always archive the photos of that day so you can print at leisure or distribute if you have copyright release, purchase or you can request that we design a stunning album or a stunning montage to put on your wall. For top quality digital albums you will probably be better off getting the album instead of a disc as full resolution discs will cost you roughly the same as getting an album designed by us (depending on the number of pages you want and type of digital album etc)

Alternatively, illness you may want to provide us with another photographer’s DVD of images to make into a montage or album, we are limited to the Photographers selection of images. We will however, work the best out of your images to provide you with a high quality stunning wedding album and definitely take that stress away from you.

What other services do you do?

We offer a framing service, decease videography/make over and photo manipulation/restoration services.

Please note: with restoration services, we have to see the photo quality before we agree as we simply cannot save a picture that is blurred beyond recognition of a person for example, or a faded out whitewashed image. Please enquire about anything listed here.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional?

You need to ask yourselves this question: Are you willing to risk your once in a lifetime event to a non professional? A special birthday, help your pregnancy, prescription your first/second/third child’s photos, why would you take a short cut on such a big investment in your life? the more important the event or person the more you should get the job done by a professional.

A professional photographer will take your needs into consideration, they will arrive on time with the proper equipment for photographing your wedding and get the results you want as well as do post production work. Always scan their portfolio to inspect the quality of their work.

Posing at a wedding..

We recommend you getting at least a few posed images in your collection of photos you will be surprised how these few poses incorporated with the more casual poses or reportage shots can make your wedding collection look more complete.

Most families do want some posed images in their collection and it will be your friends/family and future generations that view these pictures so they add value even if at first you are stiff and uncomfortable.

Usually the clients are enjoying themselves so much that they naturally will enjoy posing and this becomes natural! unless you model everyday just go with the flow and enjoy yourselves!

Who has copyright rights with the photograph that the photographer has taken?

According to federal law, help images produced by a professional photographer are copyrighted the moment they are created. Federal law prohibits copying or reproducing copyrighted material without permission from the owner of the copyright.

If you copy or scan your photos, link the photographer should be paid just as if you were buying re-prints. Most copy centers or photo centers will not copy or reprint copyrighted material.

Our high resolution files are offered in digital form so you are welcome to purchase. Unless otherwise mentioned by photographer we usually do allow clients to do what they want with these high resolution digital files.

How much time will the photographer spend at my wedding?

Depending on what you request, medical we always arrive early or on time. Typical coverage starts two hours before the ceremony (for prep shots) and ends after the bouquet, physician cake, first dance.

Although we usually put a time limit on paper or to give us an idea how to price up your wedding day, on the wedding day we are flexible with time (within reason). If your wedding goes over the predicted time slightly we understand this does sometimes. You will have enough to occupy your time without having to worry about your photographer’s time limit.

Do you photograph in color or black and white?

We photograph in color. This is so you have every option possible for your photographs. By shooting in full color the images can be digitally converted to black and white or sepia tone at no extra charge. Black and white images are especially good at displaying emotion. There will be a mix of black and white images included in your proofs.

What is a traditional album?

Traditional albums consist of photographs mounted on heavy matted pages. A page consists of two matted sides. The number of pages and type of matte determines the number of photographs it will contain. This type of album is limited in it’s design potential.

What is a digital album?

Digital flush albums have become very popular, digital design allows multiple images to be incorporated into each album page in a truly beautiful display. This permits album “spreads” to be designed that can cover both pages. This panoramic effect can be absolutely breathtaking.

The spreads are mounted on very heavy pages and assembled with a variety of cover combination’s. We do not use design templates for our albums. We design each spread from scratch to capture the emotion, essence and beauty of your wedding day.

See examples

What are parent photo books?

Parent photo books are a great way to give parents a display the images of your wedding day. Parent photo books are more portable and a great gift for your parents.

Are you available to travel to photograph my wedding?

Yes we are willing to travel. Weddings abroad or far enough that requires overnight stay (such as Ireland or abroad for instance) will most likely need travel/hotel expenses covered. Our prices are competitive so even if there are travel/hotel expenses we will still quote reasonably.

We are able to travel to any UK destinations and will consider locations abroad, there contact us for a quote.

What do I need to reserve the date?

For weddings, drug to be fair to everyone, ampoule we reserve dates by the first signed contract and retainer received. Other events would usually just require a retainer fee.

Prime dates are usually reserved far in advance and unfortunately a date that is temporarily reserved cannot be guaranteed without a retainer. If the date is reserved, our services are no longer available. Please contact us with any queries.

May we pay with credit card?

Yes, prescription we accept Paypal (Visa & Mastercard credit cards) payments.

We also accept cash and personal cheques. Please allow plenty of time before your shoot or special event for cheques or bank transfers to clear.

Can we suggest what photographs we would like you to take?

Yes! We happily take requests form the bride and groom. It is all part of making your day special.

This also applies to other photographs, vcialis 40mg you might want to re-create a “look”, we welcome ideas from our clients.

Can I view some of your previous wedding photography work?

Yes examples are available on our website in the portfolio section.

What other Wedding photography products do you offer?

We offer a variety of finishes from matte to glossy, clinic metallic to canvas. We also offer an engagement sitting or pre/post wedding shoot, which is an informal session in our studio or at an outdoor location. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, to take our time and get great images without the tension of the wedding day.

What do the online proofs look like? how many proofs will I receive?

Proofs contain all the photographs from your wedding/event/product/portrait.

We edit each session, viagra taking out obvious rejects. At your discretion, purchase you may share the online proofs with your family or anyone else you’d like.

These images will be at a reduced resolution which is not good enough to print, shop but fine for viewing online.

Some photographers may offer you a 1000 proofs but the actual images may have lots of duplicates. We do not target a certain number of photos at any event or photoshoot as we will be busy capturing the key photos or subject. The amount of photos for a typical wedding will be between 100 to 500 depending on the coverage you select.

All photographs are taken in colour, however, at post production you will receive some black and white and possibly other effects depending on the picture.

What if I want more copies in two years?

We are no obliged to store your pictures so that is why a digital copy is always recommended.

We will only typically store images online for 6 months after the day.

How do we buy album/prints or DVD after taking on photography for the day option?

Our price plan are tailor made for your flexibility, thumb if you change your mind and want more photography products we will price you accordingly.